How the law of attraction works: Step by step guide


Choose your dream


Before applying the universal law of attraction. You have to clear your intentions

Focus on gratitude 


Always feel gratitude for what you already have and what you desire.

Practice self talk


Try to always talk with your soul. Say positive things about yourself. To yourself

Tips: The Law of attraction always works. If you feel positive, it will work in favor. If you feel negative, It will against you.

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Be an actor


Acts like whatever you want, you already achieved

Choose word carefully 


What you say is important. Instead of "I will be". Always use "I AM"

Tip: Always do small experiments with imagination. Like, you are drinking coffee. And feel that. See when it attracted

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Visualize success


Visualization is one of the most essential tools in the law of attraction. Visualize your dream life now. like your living it

Believe is the key


Finally, believe that whatever you think, feel and visualize